They met at 38,000 feet.   He was captain of the big jet airliner, she was a passenger in Business Class.   Cabin crew had positioned a trolley across the aisle and she couldn’t return to her seat from the bathroom.   He was unable to re-enter the flight deck while she was there because of anti-terrorism regulations.   Something happened in the next few moments neither of them could have imagined.

Sixteen months later they were baptised and married on the same day.

He was an atheist without hope, addicted to pornography and had planned to suicide in two weeks time.

She had been adopted as a tiny-tot into a “beautiful Christian family”.  Then followed a saga of sexual abuse and denial on an unimaginable scale.  In an effort to find relief, she drove “muscle cars” and fast motor-bikes recklessly and paradoxically, buried herself in academic study.

Graham and Michelle Hood’s journey is amazing.  Through many labyrinthine twists and breathtaking turns, they have both emerged from the darkness of self-loathing into the brilliance of the Light, wrapped in warm, authentic innocence and clothed with self-possessed dignity.

Mission Serenity burst into existence after they first told their story to an astonished audience in 2007.  They now speak regularly before thousands.  And inevitably, lives are completely transformed.

Frank, honest, authentic and powerful, you cannot help but be drawn into their story and be deeply moved by its pathos and relevance.

“Serenity”.  How many people live as the dictionary defines that word:

            “calm, peaceful, untroubled, tranquil”?

Our world is a desperately dark, painful and hostile place for a huge proportion of its 7.2 billion inhabitants.  With each sunrise more, and younger, people are ending their own tormented lives.  Why go on when life is insufferable — without the slightest flicker of hope?  For many, this world is literally Hell.

Graham and Michelle Hood understand the force of these driving feelings only too well.  From the depths of hopelessness they have had their lost peace restored and vibrant purpose has replaced the blackest despair.

It didn’t come about by chance.

Although to some it may appear improbable, the transition from darkness to the Light was dramatic and completely unexpected.  And the soul-pervading peace that followed has only deepened.

As Graham and Michelle have shared their story, people from all over Australia, and beyond, have been drawn to its authenticity.  As they have embraced the truth of the matter, many others too, have experienced the very real serenity that “passes understanding” flooding their lives.  Change has swept through whole communities.

A mission was conceived . . .
Our mission is the restoration of broken lives through deep healing and recovery.

We fulfil this objective through a range of targeted programs and initiatives for communities, small groups, families and individuals.

To encourage survivors of all forms of abuse and addictive behaviour and promote a better understanding within the communities and agencies who are dealing with these survivors.

To provide counselling and real-life recovery support to survivors, families and those affected in their communities.

To advocate for the healing of all the stake holders.

To restore marriage and family relationships

To turn active community groups and churches into safe, non-judgemental and open healing places.

To spread a message of hope and healing through powerful testimony of recovery and by offering simple programs that are easy to implement, promote and administer.

To promote, train and facilitate our own 12-step recovery network, Recovery Road.

Apart from, and in addition to the above, we are active in the recovery of survivors of:

Childhood Sexual Abuse
Mission Serenity creates an environment where survivors can feel safe in coming forward. We empower organisations charged with the care of children to be transparent. Perpetrators have frequently operated with impunity by hiding behind the evident apathy and ignorance within communities, government agencies and well-intended families. These offences are hidden when people keep secrets through fear. The lack of transparency and selective, bureaucratic blindness have been used to devastating effect by offenders

We facilitate a healthy debate where a complete understanding of the full ramifications of childhood abuse is understood by all stake holders.

Mission Serenity fosters an understanding that before every destructive behaviour lies an unresolved pain that must be understood and taken into account

This requires an informed awareness of the extent of the issues so that survivors of abuse do not in turn become survivors of institutional blindness and apathy.

We also educate communities to understand and support survivors in constructive ways. survivors who do come forward are too often severely judged for behaviours that have been put in place solely to mask their deep pain.  Many addictive and destructive behaviours manifest because survivors have been unable to heal from the initial offence.  The offences are then compounded by families, communities and support agencies who fail to look beyond the masking behaviours to find the pain that causes it.  We firmly believe that psychological trauma—unresolved—becomes pathological.

Ignorance surrounding these issues is overloading our health, prison, judicial and social support systems and tragically, unnecessarily destroying the life potential of unnumbered people in our communities.

Our organisation is able to offer a multi-pronged approach to these highly-destructive issues by providing true-life testimony that creates a graphic awareness.  We are then able to train and deploy community groups with essential skills for the recovery and restoration of all concerned.  We are ideally positioned to deal with addictive behaviours that stem from abuse and to create a far healthier society where people and organisations accept due responsibility and accountability.

Mission Serenity believes the best people to support and help survivors are survivors who have recovered into a normal and healthy life.  Our clients inevitably go on to become leaders in life recovery themselves, empowered by a life of authentic meaning where they can see clearly that their own suffering is being put into useful service in helping others recover.  Their dignity now restored, these new leaders are endowed with unequivocal credibility.

In General
We believe there is no one on planet Earth without some significant issue in their life from which they need recovery. Our programs and initiatives are to foster real-life, longterm recovery in ways that restore true meaning to life and empower optimum relationships between people.
Mission Serenity Limited (Mission Serenity) is an independent, community-based, not-for-profit organisation located at Gaven on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. A non-discriminatory organisation, not affiliated with any political or religious group, Mission Serenity is a Christ-centred group that serves people according to their needs.

Mission Serenity is a Registered Charity and has been operating since 2011. It relies on sponsorships and philanthropic support to fulfil its life-changing mission. As a deductible Gift Recipient, donations to Mission Serenity over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Mission Serenity gratefully acknowledges the generous philanthropic support of donors and adheres strictly to the principle of transparency and best governance practice in all its undertakings.

Kim Lomas

Kim Lomas started his working life as a sales assistant with a major surf-wear chain in Australia. His dedication resulted in a natural progression to Executive Director and leader of the buying department. His influence contributed to the brand’s rapid rise to national prominence. Today Kim is very active in his community serving as the Chairman of the Board of the Gold Coast Christian College and is a guiding figure in his community. A leader in his church, Kim heads the Twelve-Step Recovery program there and has been the Men’s Facilitator since the program started in 2008. Kim is the father of five children.
Michelle Hood
B Sc (Nsg), LLB, B Psych (Couns)
Co-Founder, Director

Michelle, along with her husband Graham, co-founded Mission Serenity in 2007. Herself a victim of horrific childhood sexual abuse and its tortured aftermath, Michelle has tertiary qualifications which have further empowered her to bring emotional, spiritual and practical restoration to other shattered lives. Michelle is an expert trainer and facilitator and adds much real-life experience to her accomplishments. She is a devoted mother to four children grandmother to 14 grandchildren and collectively with Graham 19 grandchildren.
Graham Hood
Co-Founder, Director

Graham is a veteran airline captain with the longest-operating and safest airline in the world. He has a flying career spanning 45 years. He has facilitated Human Factor Training and Mentoring programs with many other airlines, the military, and also within the health sector. An engaging and cogent public speaker, Graham presents on many topics including Men’s Issues, Communication, Motivation and Awareness, and is a Christ-centred Life Coach. He is very happily married to Michelle with whom he lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Abraham Sam
Company Secretary

Abraham has qualifications in Accounting and Tax. He is a CPA and Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and has been involved in Accounting Tax for over 30 years. Abraham is also a specialist in Australian Tax. Abraham is and has been on the board of many companies and “Not For Profits” and has been instrumental in the establishment and governance of many of these organisations.
Michelle Hood
Principal / Co-founder

Michelle Hood was a part-Aboriginal baby who, due to sad circumstances was adopted by a loving, Christian, farming family in the south of Western Australia. What should have remained an amazing childhood turned to horror. Unknown to her loving family Michelle was being groomed by a ruthless predator within her own church community from the age of a toddler. This man eventually added Michelle to his list of survivors when she was nine-years old and she was continuously raped and molested by him for six years. Michelle went on to live a paradoxical life of both devastation and success trying to deal with her silent pain by recourse to self-destructive behaviour — while studying Nursing, Psychology and Law. She has extensive experience in all these areas, majoring in counselling. She has worked as a consultant implementing new strategies in public and private sectors. Michelle is Mission Serenity’s Counsellor, Program Designer and Facilitator. She is the mother of four and a grandmother of 19. Her’s is a horror story with a happy ending brought about through her courage, love, grace and faith. Her testimony will astound you.

Graham Hood
Principal / Co-founder

Graham Hood, was born in Victoria, the son of an earth mover/plant operator. He spent the first three years of his life in a construction camp in central Victoria. His mother was a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, at the hands of a brutal father. His father was a child of the Great Depression who lost his own dad at the age of 14. He spent five years at war in the 1940s returning home with a solid work ethic and a desire to make good for himself with no real education. Alcoholism and constant struggle within the family made for a very dysfunctional upbringing for Graham. His was a childhood lived at the edge. Graham left school at the age of 13 and had a juvenile criminal conviction by the age of 17. He is now a respected Captain for one of the world’s most trusted airlines. In this role he has facilitated Communication and Team Building workshops for pilots and cabin crew both in the airline industry and the military. He has also been active in Peer Assistance programs and Welfare and Conflict Resolution, both within his airline and elsewhere. Graham is currently involved in the Mentoring Program within his airline, assisting new pilots to assimilate into their chosen careers.

Graham is an accomplished facilitator and a popular public speaker. He is as open and honest about his failings as he is about his success. He is a passionate participant in his future and the future of others.

Mareta Lomas
Small Groups Facilitator

Born in the Cook Islands and raised in New Zealand, Mareta is a wonderful example of the healing power that is The Holy Spirit. Part of Mareta’s testimony features on our Delivered From Evil DVD series and she is a survivor of sexual and physical abuse. Mareta has solid experience in recovery ministry and has a heart for healing. She is presently completing extensive studies in counselling. Mareta was leader of the first Recovery Ministry set up by Mission Serenity on the Gold Coast and is a powerful example of the change that comes from stepping out of denial and into God’s Grace. Mareta facilitates small groups and liaises with women from the island and indigenous communities. She is also a mentor and co-ordinator. Married with five wonderful children she forms a great partnership with fellow team member, Kim Lomas.

Kim Lomas
Chairman / Men’s Facilitator

Born and raised in Tasmania, Kim moved to the Gold Coast where he was rapidly promoted to Executive Director through the ranks of a prominent surfing chain. Kim had a troubled childhood and has been victorious over drug and alcohol abuse. A strong Christian man with a heart for others, he is leader of various ministries in his local church. An accomplished Small Group Leader with a very honest testimony empowering men with similar issues. He has been the Men’s Leader in our Recovery Ministry since its first meeting. Kim’s business acumen brings great benefit to Mission Serenity. A “great guy with an honest heart” and a wonderful father to the five children he shares with wife, Mareta, Kim is the inaugural Chairman of Mission Serenity.

The Healing Power of Grace

Dear Michelle and Graham,

“I just want to say to you both before any more time passes by, THANK YOU! I attended the first two workshops at the Sth. Qld. camp this year, before having to fly out. I spoke briefly to you, Michelle after you gave your testimony for I was so impressed and moved. 33 years I’ve kept this dark dirty secret to myself. So many times I wanted to tell my mum what my stepdad had done all those years ago, but never found the courage or “right time”. As the years went by, I’d look at my mum, ageing and rationalise what good would come out of me telling her at all, for she’d divorced him 25 years ago. However after hearing about how you went to all that effort and ordeal to confront your perpetrator, I knew I had the answer. It is for me that I needed to let it out. It is for me that I needed to be free once and for all. Till then I was always a slave to his control, even though I’d never had contact for such a long time. I’m twice divorced, survivor of drugs, alcohol and a self-destructive lifestyle . . . all the result of the broken spirit because of what this man had done. Since I was baptised at 27, God has slowly been putting the pieces back into place in my life . . . this was one major piece (I won’t say final piece) that really needed to be laid to rest. So, yes! Thank you Michelle for being so brave and so open to share your experiences, for it gave me the courage finally, to go to my mum (and I did that Monday night at camp) and let it all out . . . She took it better than I imagined but as I suspected, blamed herself for not protecting me, (my stepdad was always in and out of work, while mum worked long hours) she asked me for forgiveness! That was difficult to see my poor mum racked with guilt . . . but we ended with prayer and will continue to need prayer to be able to forgive him . . . I have in my head . . . I had to or I’d be “chop suey in China” years ago . . . yet I’ve to face him once and for all and let him know what destruction he caused by his actions.

Graham, thank you for standing by Michelle and working together to pioneer this vital ministry

I am blessed . . . words are not enough to tell you both how much your work has meant to my life. Thank you.

Your “Sister in Christ”


Manhood Matters

Thank you for the “Manhood Matters” program, as my husband stood up for Manhood Matters at camp. have been coming to the S.D.A. South Queensland camp for 15 years, and my husband is not an Adventist. Graham Hood was an answered prayer, for I know God is in control of this, and my husband will be restored through the Holy Spirit, and guidance of this ministry. Thank you for allowing this presentation to go ahead at camp. I have 10 children who will now benefit, for their father is going to attend these workshops, and I will have a greater husband, and my children will benefit for their father will be a greater dad.

Thank You.


Dr Neil Watts
President of the South Queensland Conference, Seventh-Day Adventist Church

“Graham and Michelle Hood have recently made a tremendous contribution to the spiritual success of our Sth Queensland annual Camp meeting. The positive, life-changing impact they made on the lives of so many men and women and the healing their meetings brought to hundreds of hurting people was so fitting in view of our Camp theme of “Sharing a Hope that Heals”. The results of their personal experiences and dedication to helping others will have tremendous and lasting effects in many families. I am so thankful for their unique ministry and wish that its influence will spread far and wide”.

Dr Neil W Watts
South Queensland Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor Glenn Townend
W A Conference President, Seventh-Day Adventist Church

“Graham and Michelle presented their story and dreams of a ministry to people who need healing to our pastors. Their presentation was professional, real and helpful. It encouraged vigilance in care of all people – we all have challenges to deal with.”

Seventh-Day Adventist Church Springwood QLD

“The speaker, Graham Hood’s honesty, passion for Jesus and ministries that he and his wife have started to minister to people was inspiring. Here was someone who had many reasons to have made a mess of his life but he turned to Jesus and took on responsibility. Making a difference, helping others in ministry. The amazing thing is that Graham has only been a Christian since 2007, but he is willing to be used by God.”

Brad Fisher
Pilot Mentor Co-ordinator, 747 Captain

Re: Graham Hood

Graham is a testament to “walking the walk”. His big big heart is in the forefront of all his actions and he allows all of us a window into it. He has travelled a journey that most of us can only imagine. Lesser men would have given up, but not “Hoody”, he has become stronger and overcome adversity, he has become a master of his profession and life, and his learning is now available to all who want to draw a line in the sand and elevate their lives to the level of having a “full and meaningful” existence. He has inspirational energy to support other people who need it. The first thing that struck me when I met him is that he is open and trustworthy. I would trust this man with my life. His no nonsense style is best described as down-to-earth, and he immediately allows anyone to meet him on any level no matter where they are at in their personal journey. There is no judgment from “Hoody”, only unconditional acceptance gained from his own personal growth. He has become a leader, a respected elder amongst his community of airline pilots and has mentored many a young person. His no-nonsense and compassionate approach in respectfully calling people on their self-limiting behaviours, and, in the meantime also honouring and drawing out young people’s unseen gifts and strengths. “Hoody” carries his religion in his heart, and yet has never imposed his beliefs on me, I am not a part of his church or religion, and it’s personally not for me, and yet his graciousness has meant he has never imposed his beliefs on me, nor have I felt less worth or judgement from him. I believe his vision has people at its core and I intend to assist both him and Michelle in their wonderful vision for people and the community.

Brad Fisher

A man who has also travelled a journey — Father of 3 sons, husband, community worker, Pathways Leader, ex Pathways Regional Leader, Mentoring Coordinator for Pilots, 747 Captain for an international airline.


My name is Tony

Two years ago I had some serious emotional issues. I would sabotage my relationships and get out when they got too close. I had many other issues like fear and anger from my childhood. My marriage lasted only 9 months. I thought I needed to do something about my attitude. I went to counsellors, Christian counsellors, NLP programs and a variety of other high profile programs, which helped but didn’t get to the core of the issues. Then Graham and Michelle Hood introduced the Celebrate Recovery program at our church and after a year or so I gave my testimony. It took me a week to recover emotionally but after that the fear left me and my life wasn’t controlled by fear anymore. I began to heal in a big way. My attitude is so different now. I am more relaxed and I thank the Lord for this program because it really works. I am getting somewhere in life instead of my fear blocking me. I know I still have much healing to do, but at least I now know that I am heading in the right direction. I recommend CR for any issue you may have

God Bless.


Pine Rivers Seventh-day Adventist Church

I met Graham and Michelle in early 2009 at a presentation by Mission Serenity and was impressed by their personal testimonies and the programs they offered through Mission Serenity. Not long after, Graham accepted an invitation to present on Manhood Matters at a Health Seminar that our church ran in mid 2009. Graham provided a brilliantly-professional and interesting presentation and the feedback received from those who attended was incredible. Many were inspired to make changes in their own lives, impressed by the real-life stories presented that night. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was leading many individuals as some personally approached Graham, after the presentation, seeking advice and help with their own struggles. I know a great many others received blessings from simply attending the presentation. Graham captured the hearts of all in attendance as he presented a topic close to the heart of every individual. Graham is a wonderful presenter and a convicted Christian. It was a pleasure to have Graham speak at our seminar and a great blessing.


Andrew Bishop

I have known Graham Hood for over seventeen years now. Instant rapport, trust and genuine care are the traits that were naturally evident when I first met this man all those years ago. Indeed today I count him as a brother and a mentor. His love and passion for a fulfilling and meaningful life and more importantly for the lives of those in need around him has always been an outstanding hallmark of his character. George Bernard Shaw wrote, “some see things as they are and say, ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and say, “Why not!” Graham and wife Michelle’s own dream has truly borne fruit with the foundation of Mission Serenity, a vision of equal passion and desire to live out Christ’s “Great Commission.” I have not met any folk in my life more qualified, who have lived life and shared in its many pitfalls and blessings, to bring comfort and healing in this endeavour, than Graham and Michelle.

Andrew Bishop

Fellow professional pilot, Mentor and father of four
Sydney, Australia

Women’s Ministry Leader, Springwood Seventh-day Adventist Church

We at Springwood Church have been wonderfully blessed by having Graham and Michelle Hood come to our Men’s and Women’s breakfasts. Graham shared with us at our Women’s breakfast of their ministry. Then we had the Men’s breakfast (I had a lot of ladies volunteering to help so they could also hear Graham) for the first time (close to 100 men). Graham shared with us his message on “Manhood” with the theme of “Never Give Up”. What a rich blessing we all gained! It was amazing that our theme setting: “The Shed”, for the Men’s breakfast suited the minstry they have set up and we sincerely believe God had a hand in this. We have had such positive feedback from those who attended both breakfasts, with people asking us when are Graham and Michelle coming back to Springwood? How thankful we are to God for a couple like this to not only share their love for God but also their experiences enabling others to open up and deal with their past. We know for a fact that God has had His hand in bringing Graham and Michelle to us, letting their passion for God to tour our lives and revive our faith and love for God. We look forward to continuing this mission.


Pastor Siglio Palesoo

Hi Graham & Michell

Please find attached my humble testimony.

I would like to recommend Mission Serenity to all local churches. Both Graham and Michelle have not only blessed the Darwin Church and Northern Territory Church folk but challenged us all spiritually. From their first session on Friday night our members were inspired by their practical approach. Each presentation ministered to the hearts of every listener (including mine). The reality of each presentation draws the listeners into wanting to hear more, and by the final session all our members (and their visitors) were moved in such a way that Jesus was lifted and seen as the “True Healer”. I would highly recommend the “Recovery Road” workbook which I am currently going through with a few church folk who have had issues they have held onto for so long and after being empowered by the above ministry, have begun the process of healing. Mission Serenity is a Bible-based ministry with everyday applications which is what our church and community need. My wife commented regarding our Sabbath sermon that, “Graham is the best preacher I have heard,” and Donna is very discerning when it comes to the Word of God. Thank you Graham and Michelle for such a Spirit-filled ministry. May you continue to “Lift up Christ, so that all will be drawn to Him”. May our Eternal God be praised. Hope to see you soon back in the Northern Territory.

With love and respect

Pastor Siggy (Sigila) and Donna Palesoo

Pastor Mark Wilson
Darwin SDA Church

Report concerning Mission Serenity weekend conducted by Graham and Michelle Hood

As Senior Pastor of the Darwin Seventh-day Adventist Church I want to affirm the tremendous ministry of Graham and Michelle Hood here in Darwin in May of this year (2014). Mission Serenity was invited by Pastor Siggy Palesoo who looks after our Palmerston company here in Darwin, however it quickly became necessary for our two church companies, Palmerston and Malak, to combine with the Darwin church to accommodate this program. Testimonies by Graham and Michelle moved the hearts of all who attended. Darwin is no different from many other churches with its fair share of marital and family issues as well as some having suffered from various kinds of abuse in the past. Darwin is a remote city and rarely, if ever, have Darwin members been exposed to any ministry such as Graham and Michelle’s Mission Serenity program. It struck at the heart from the first meeting. People all over have carried hurts from the past that perhaps have never quite healed — but through the ministry of Mission Serenity here in Darwin the Lord brought His healing balm to many hurting people. As a Pastor I noticed the moving of the Spirit of God on many hearts during the Mission Serenity weekend. Graham and Michelle spoke with humility and passion for the mission of Christ and appealed to all to experience the healing that only Christ can bring to a broken past. The Lord came near to us in May this year and touched the hurting lives of people as verily as He did during his earthly ministry. In order to bring the healing ministry of Christ to others we need to experience healing ourselves — this is what has happened in Darwin. In August we hosted an evangelistic Dinner with Pr Geoff Youlden and then followed on with a two-week evangelistic series. Never has Darwin experienced such a successful event with over 200 people seated at a formal dinner under a marquee where about one third were non members invited by our members. Then the evangelistic series that commenced the next day has seen attendance grow and has not dropped below 140 people at each meeting with about 30 non-members attending. Our church folk have been excited and revived with a new sense of mission. Why?

Part of the answer lies with the very special revival and renewal weekend Darwin experienced with the Mission Serenity program. When people experience healing and renewal they are prepared to serve Jesus in mission. I cannot praise, affirm, and thank Graham and Michelle enough for their ministry here in Darwin!

We are very keen to have them return in the first half of next year to help continue the healing, revival, and renewal that was started this year. I would certainly endorse Mission Serenity as a part of a revival and renewal initiative for any church, and especially for churches  preparing for evangelistic outreach. May the Lord keep Graham and Michelle humble by His side that His blessing may continue to be poured out abundantly upon this ministry that is so very much needed in many places around Australia. I would not hesitate to affirm the very special ministry of Mission Serenity and recommend that churches everywhere welcome this special ministry and begin a Recovery Road program for those needing to be blessed by it.

Yours in Christ

Pr Mark Wilson
Darwin Seventh-day Adventist Church Northern Australian Conference

Radical Shift

Radical Shift is a 1, 2 or 3-day event for churches, designed for specific purposes.

Normally Mission Serenity comes to your church to run this program to awaken its people to the revival that comes only from real-life testimony and the shedding of Divine light on the issues that keep us all trapped in our sins.

Radical Shift increases awareness of the every-day issues in life that confront Christians and non-Christians alike. A simple-yet-powerful message of hope and healing that transforms churches into centres for healing and outreach both within and outside the church community. The Radical Shift program paves the way for the implementation of recovery ministry in the community such as the proven Recovery Road 12-step program.

Radical Shift has been presented all over Australia and in New Zealand to dozens of delighted and empowered churches. Running this program at your church will awaken your church to the power of the Holy Spirit that comes from true repentance. Talk to Mission Serenity about tailoring a Radical Shift program for your church regardless of its denomination.

Typical Radical Shift Event Format

Friday  Evening  From Suicide to Grace  Graham Hood’s powerful, personal testimony.
Saturday 10am  The Mission Serenity Story “Jesus Christ is Driving Me Crazy”  a true story of miracles.
11am  Christian You Must Listen  a very powerful sermon of survival and revival.
Saturday after lunch   The Healing Power of Grace  Michelle Hood’s very moving testimony on survival and recovery from childhood sexual abuse.
This is followed by a Q&A that often lasts more than an hour — sometimes several hours.
Sunday 10am Living For A Good Funeral  a program for couples and families designed to bring out the God-given potential of the men in our families.

Radical Shift is often organised as a multi-church/multi-denominational event that is well promoted and held in large venues to several-hundred people.

Recovery Road

Recovery Road is Mission Serenity’s unique 12-step recovery program designed for both genders and all hurts, addictions and issues. It is a safe and gender-specific program that is easy to set up and very simple to run. There is no need for highly-qualified counsellors to present the program. Facilitators and leaders will find everything they need available on this site to train themselves and prepare to facilitate this program. Run over 13 weeks, the program will transform lives and churches. Recovery Road (RR) has been described as a “leadership factory” where the pain of the past can be recycled into victory and restoration for others. Recovery Road is a tool that sets the captives free. The benefits of these 12 steps, based on the beatitudes in Matthew 5, have long been known, indeed since the inception of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the 1930s. Now, Mission Serenity has used it’s extenve real-world experience to create this easy-to-understand program that importantly acknowledges Jesus Christ as the only “higher power” who can restore us. (Others allow each participant to choose or create their own version of an undefined “higher power”.)

If you are in bondage to a serious addiction, have been hurt in the past, or you just want to set your life in the right direction, then this program is amazingly effective. A comprehensive set of 3, easy-to-understand manuals and the power of the Holy Spirit will transform your life.

Recovery Road groups are springing up all over the Pacific and it is our aim to ensure that there will be a Recovery Road group in your area too. It is the authentic way to set yourself free.

Leadership Training

Mission Serenity holds in-depth leadership training weekends at Queensland’s Gold Coast, most other Australian states and New Zealand.

If you would like to organise a training weekend in your area please contact us for more information. The training weekend will guide future facilitators and leaders through the first 3 of the 12 steps. We also instruct on small group dynamics and meeting structure as well as how to use the manuals. Our first training weekend held in 2014 was a great success with attendees from as far away as Victoria. Out of this weekend a group of 6 new RR groups have been established and are up and running.


An urgent need for sanctification

Reconcilliation is an awareness program that draws attention to the destructive forces unleashed in families who cannot forgive and heal. This sermon program is usually run as a single day event or can be staged in conjunction with the Friday night screening of the movie of the same name. A very powerful tool for restoration and family healing.

The Manhood Series

Families and communities are breaking down because it seems men have lost their way. The fixes are simple and men need to refocus to live into their destiny. We believe that before the world can change, first men must change.

Living For A Good Funeral


Overcoming A Pornography Addiction

My Son — A Man In My Own Image

The Healing Power of Grace

Grace and evil cannot co-exist in the same place and evil is always the first to leave. You can get the control of your life back by actually giving it away. Forgiveness can, and will, set you free.

Recovery From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Second Chances

Relationships, Marriage and Emotional Needs

The Recovery Road Workbook is 120 pages of power-packed information and crystal-clear direction for those seeking to have their lives restored. Recovery Road has helped many people recover from situations in their lives that felt overwhelming. It is a Christ-centred, 12-step program with a proven track record. Those who have chosen to participate have emerged from the bondage of addiction, emotional turmoil and many other apparently-impenetrable barriers, into the freedom of genuine peace and personal fulfilment.

Graduates learn how to set strong boundaries and to hold each other accountable. Previously dysfunctional relationships flourish and the tide of healing flows on to others.

In Australia and NZ
$19.95 + $17.50 shipping.

In the USA
$19.95 + $22.00 shipping.

Download a printable PDF version now $AU3.00

Download a Kindle version now.
The Recovery Road Participants’ Guide (148 pages) has been designed for use in conjunction with The Recovery Road Workbook. It is a very personal book that maintains a record of your own journey of recovery. The book is packed with clear, memorable lessons and powerful supporting quotes from acclaimed, inspirational authors. Recovery Road is a Christ-centred, 12-steps, life-recovery program for all of life’s hurts, habbits and hang-ups. It is unique. Its approach to small group recovery unashamedly acknkowledges Jesus Christ as the only “higher power” who can restore us. The program is structured around the eight principles of the Beatitudes as they came from the lips of Jesus in His famous Sermon on the Mount of Olives.

In Australia and NZ
$19.95 + $17.50 shipping.

In the USA
$19.95 + $22.00 shipping.

Download a printable PDF version now $AU3.00

Download a Kindle version now.
The Recovery Road Leaders’ Guide is a 36-page, step-by-step manual for those wishing to run their own Recovery Road 12-step program. It’s all here in a simple-to-read and well-laid-out format that will walk you though the set-up and running process of the program.

The Leaders’ Guide will assist faciltators of the program to manage their groups with the aid of the Recovery Road Workbook and the Recovery Road Participants’ Guide. Together, these resources enable you to bring healing to many who have been stuck for most of their lives.

In Australia and NZ
$10.00 + $17.50 shipping.

In the USA
$12.50 + $22.00 shipping.

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Michelle Hood’s personal testimony given at the North NSW Seventh-day Adventist convnetion, April 2013.

Mission Serenity transforming the local church with Radical Shift.

An Amazing Story of Amazing Grace.

Mission Serenity visit to Brisbane Central Church August 2016.

You can download previously-published, printable, PDF articles on various topics from the list below. Click the title and the article will open in a new window. You can save the PDF document to your hard drive or print it out from your browser, as you choose.

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Who is Responsible for the Fatherless Epidemic?

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We have provided a list of some of our favourite sites for you to explore. Each has its unique insights into life and how we can maximise its potential. While we may not necessarily align precisely with everything you may find on these links, we believe there is a wealth of important knowldege available there to benefit any candid mind.


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Mission Serenity on You Tube

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Mission Serenity relies on the generous gifts of others,  both individuals and corporations.  Without these, the mission to mend broken lives would cease to operate.  Thank you for your continued, important support.  Lives are being dramatically changed because of your gifts.

Mission Serenity is registered with the Australian Federal Government as a fully-approved, not-for-profit, tax-deductable charity.

Mission Serenity is proudly supported by a Side by Side grant from the Qantas Foundation.  The grant will enable Mission Serenity to more effectively reach people whose lives have been badly damaged by abuse and gently lead them to restoration of mind, body and spirit at last. The grant is being used to assist in the production and publishing of Recovery Road 12-step resources to assist addiction recovery in community groups.

Dahlsford Grove Lifestyle Village, Port Macquarie, is pleased to sponsor Mission Serenity in its important work helping to restore lives broken by abuse and addiction.

Nest is a highly-active women’s Group at Port Macquarie and is pleased to be involved in numerous activities to raise awareness of and contribute funding to Mission Serenity’s pursuit of restoration to the lives of women ravaged by abuse.

Broadbeach Pharmacy is proud to continue its support of Mission Serenity in its vital quest to help heal lives broken by abuse and addiction.  Broadbeach Pharmacy is located at Niecon Medical Centre, 27-28 Niecon Plaza, Broadbeach, Queensland, 4218. Phone: (07) 5592 1005.  A comprehensive pharmaceutical service is provided, including a 24-hour, online service.

Mission Serenity is filling a vital need in the lives of many people.  It involves a lot of time, energy and effort by a team of dedicated people.  This kind of mission requires a sound financial base to be effective.  There are a number of ways you can help.

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Providing a sponsorship goes a long way to making the Serenity Mission possible.  Your generosity is enormously valued!  Contact us to discuss how to go about doing this.

You can also organise creative and fun, fund-raising activities in your local church or community groups. This is being done by different people across the country and contributes importantly to the success of the mission to restore ruined lives.

Your sincere and focussed prayers are vital in a world where evil forces are rampant and the devastation in human lives and relationships is strewn everywhere.  Pray specifically for the protection of Mission Serenity and its people and that those most in need of its services will be brought into the ambit of its influence.

All these activities are essential to the ongoing success of a mission that is fast gathering momentum and reaching thousands of lives.  Thank you for your heartfelt help!

Eternity will tell the story in its fullness.

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